7th Vietnam Summer School of Science opens in Binh Dinh

More than 160 students and lecturers working at domestic and foreign institutions are joining the 7th Vietnam Summer School of Science, which opened in the province of Binh Dinh on July 22.

The participants of the event are taking a photo together.

Themed “Lighthouse”, the 4-day event is among official activities of the Rencontres du Vietnam programme. 

The participants will discuss the issues related to experiences in doing research, ranging from success to failure. 

The event is aimed at inspiring young researchers and lecturers, encouraging and giving support to them in pursuing research as a career.

The Summer School’s lectures are designed by researchers studying and working abroad to provide participants with the essence of science and research skills across natural, technical, social, and economic fields.

The event is held annually on a basis of purely academic and non-profit activities.


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