Young people in Quy Nhon join hands to decorate city

Many initiatives, big or small, have been materialized by young people, who are members of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, since early this year. This is a part of activities responding to the “Youth Year of Creativeness” theme.

The beautiful trash bin is one of ideas launched by Youth Union members of Quy Nhon's Ly Thuong Kiet ward as a way to raise the awareness of environment protection.

As Quy Nhon City is one of emerging destination for domestic and foreign tourists, the local young people launched a work of decorating old walls around the city with beautiful images to convey the message of environment protection.

Being encouraged with such an idea, they are now preparing for new activities that are expected to make the city more beautiful.

The Youth Union members contributed to build a playground for kids in Nhon Ly commune

After conducting a survey, hundreds of Youth Union members printed and delivered thousands of notice boards to households in Quy Nhon. The boards provided the information about hotlines, job opportunities and free vocational training courses. The information has to some extent helped many people to find what they needed.

The municipal Youth Union recently contributed to build a playground for children in Nhon Ly commune. 

Hong Phuc

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