82th anniversary of Hong Linh Party cell marked

A meeting was held in Nhon My commune on October 20, solemnly celebrating the 82th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Linh Party cell.

Delegates offer incense and flowers in front of the cell’s historical monument. Photo: Nguyen Van Trang.

Local authorities of An Nhon town, districts of Tay Son and Phu Cat as well as relatives of Hong Linh Party’s late members, local youth union members and the others attended the ceremony.

In front of the cell’s historical monument in Dai An hamlet, the delegates offered incense and flowers to commemorate late President Ho Chi Minh, the cell founder Huynh Dang Tho and late Communist party members.

The establishment of the Hong Linh Party cell, which was the precursor of An Nhon Party committee, was a significant event for the people’s revolutionary movement in An Nhon town, districts of Tay Son and Phu Cat.

Nguyen Van Trang

Translated by Hong Ha

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