Gathering in martial arts land
9:18', 5/8/ 2010 (GMT+7)

“The land of martial arts is not a place for arrival but return.” That is what martial arts troupes participating in the 3rd international festival of Viet Nam traditional martial arts think about Binh Dinh. In spite of coming to Binh Dinh for the first or many times, foreign martial arts instructors and practitioners always show their eagerness.


The Binh Thai Dao squad’s members practice martial arts techniques at the Quy Nhon Children Park.

The 10-member squad of Viet Nam Vo Khi Dao school in Germany was the first one arriving in Quy Nhon City. Master Nguyen Thanh Long, head of the squad, has lived and taught Vietnamese traditional martial arts in Germany for 20 years.

“Binh Dinh is now changing and more beautiful than when I first came here to do charity work long time ago. Being a martial arts practitioner, I felt very touched and sacred when returning to Binh Dinh,” he said.

“Like me, any foreigners who love Vietnamese traditional martial arts always feel happy when setting foot on the land of martial arts for the first time, one of cradles and essence of Vietnam traditional martial arts,” said Wirschal Gernot, a member of Vo Khi Dao squad, who has been practicing martial arts for 15 years.

Other members also expressed good impression of this beautiful and peaceful city and were enthusiastic about practicing martial arts on the city’s beach.

While the Nghe An province’s 13-member martial arts troupe was the first domestic team arriving in Quy Nhon.

“The Nghe An-originated Nhat Nam sect founded by martial arts master Ngo Xuan Binh now has domestically and internationally developed. It is a great honor for our sect to represent the province and other martial arts schools at this year’s festival,” head of Nghe An’s troupe Bui Duy Hong said. “We decided to choose the antagonistic performance to show its quintessence of fighting and defending.”

The UK-based Binh Thai Dao troupe led by the sect leader Diep Le Bich also came here early to practice.

“This is the third time I’ve come back to my homeland to participate in festival but I still feel touched and happy,” Bich said. “Unfortunately, many martial arts practitioners in the UK are unable to visit the land of martial arts.” 30 martial arts practitioners of my team are very young and most have come here for the first time, so they are very eager.”

Among 24 France-based martial arts squads joining the event, the Cuu Long Vo Dao school was the first one coming to Binh Dinh.

Its martial arts technical chief said, “We prepared for the journey six months ago. Most members are foreigners. We arrived here a few days earlier to get familiar with the local weather and have more practice.”

The General Association for the Development of World Martial Arts is one of biggest troupes taking part in this festival. It has 40 martial arts instructors and practitioners coming from many countries.

Le Huu Que, one of members of its executive board said, “The federation includes different schools of Vietnamese traditional martial arts and it has been expanding into many countries. Each Vietnamese traditional martial arts festival organized in Binh Dinh is a good opportunity for martial arts practitioners to meet and exchange experiences.”

  • H.Thu- N.Tu- C.Tam
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